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Direct Decisions - Collective Decision Making.

Decision making is hard. Direct Decisions makes it easy. We help you make decisions within your organisation, your family, your friends, or your community.

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Preferential voting

Create new preferential voting using create button on app home tab or by using /voting command. Voting results appear when the voting is completed by the creator.

Continuous votings

Enable continuous voting by enabling live results in the app home tab. The creator can adjust choices over time. Participants can cast or adjust their votes over time until a decision is reached.

Condorcet preferential voting system, backed by Shultz method, select the winner preferred for most voters.

We believe that this approach yields optimal decisions both for small, short-term decisions, as well as the long-term decisions with huge impact. The Shultz method for decision making has been tested by industry veterans such as: Debian, Gentoo Foundation, Ubuntu, Pirate Party and many others.

We are

Two hackers interested in social impact of technology on a mission to empower individuals inside communities.

Janoš Guljaš

Software Engineer

Petar Radović

Software Engineer

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